26th October 2018

KEVIN & CHERYL invite you to join us for  Christmas drinks and nibbles, this is our 40th year in art and we always look forward to enjoying the company & fellowship of our friends at our Christmas Sale of Collectable art works, what a great way to spend a  weekend, see a range of superb art works and you might find a little treasure to take home. Carnarvon Golf Club is a great venue for our art shows,  great  parking and a reasonably priced restaurant, open for meals and or coffee Friday Night & throughout the show. Join the artists Cheryl and I, and bring your art friends along to 65 Nottinghill Rd Lidcombe. 2nd to 4th November. 

 LAY-BY: Over the last 30 years we have run a no cost lay-by program which allows you to buy at today's prices as historically, the artist's works are rising every year. This facility we offer is very popular and accounts for many sales. Just ask us the details at the show.

 DAVID BRAYSHAW has donated a wonderful reef painting to the Lions club to raffle at the show. This is your chance to own one of his world acclaimed art works. Of course David will be bringing around 20 new and exciting works for sale. He has won many awards and his works are now sold worldwide  .

 WERNER FILIPICH  is finally back to full strength after his recent health issues this year and has been painting up a storm, literally! Paintings from his new calendar will be available for sale and they are beautiful! He is an extraordinarily talented artist. My advice is buy one now.

 JOHN BRADLEY is painting extremely well and has experienced huge demand for his paintings. He will have his prestige 2018 Calendar available. He has some really exciting new compositions for this show

 MAX MANNIX is working so well at the moment and he has produced some incredible paintings for this show. I believe he is one of the most collectable artists in Australia today with some of Max’s paintings achieving higher prices on auction sites, than we sell them for. These low prices won’t last! Come along and wish him a Happy Birthday.

RICHARD BOGUSZ We have a only a few new paintings of Richards They are really fantastic. You’ll need to get in quick! They won’t last long

 JOHN VANDER’S is in a good place at the moment and it shows in his pieces for this show. For fans of John’s work you need to come and see these, they are top shelf.

 JAMES HOUGH has had some great news! This year James was awarded two ‘Medals of Excellence’ and ‘Best in Show’ from the International Artists for Conservation and he attended the Award ceremony in Vancouver early Sept to receive the awards. AFC is the World’s leading Wildlife group dedicated to supporting the environment hundreds of the world’s most gifted artists are members, “Hidden paradise” is a finalist in the International Artists for 2018. It will be for sale at this show.

IAN HANSEN Has done it again! Winning the International ‘Award of Excellence’ for his painting of the Stormy Cape at the international Marine awards night in October. No doubt he is the world’s top marine artist with his paintings achieving high prices in USA.

 PAUL MARGOCSY. Has donated a great painting called ‘Three’s a Crowd’ for our lucky door prize. Everyone who comes to the show gets a free entry! You can see why wildlife groups love his work and many bird watching clubs use his works to recognise species. He is a top world, Birdlife artist.

 RAMON WARD-THOMPSON Cheryl and I love Ramón’s new work I am just uploading to the web site and they are brilliant, Painting in Paris again this year and a whole lot of new works including New York and UK. Love them!


 OTTO KUSTER Has some really great paintings for this show! I congratulate Otto on his wide variety and quality of his great works, from the Harbour to the bush and of course his acclaimed nudes. Otto, well done!

RESTORATION: We are carrying out a large number of restorations including torn canvas, mildew removal, cleaning and re sealing as well as repainting damaged works.

If you have a painting that needs to be brought back to its full brilliance talk to us. You might be in for a pleasant surprise with the price.

 Cheryl and I extend our personal invitation to you to come along and join us for a drink to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our art shows. It is with a heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have supported us with your friendship and attendance at these events over the years. We both, along with the artists, are looking forward to catching up with you at Carnarvon. Please bring your friends, we will make it a party. Kevin