Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase art from Kevin Hill’s ’TOP TEN’ Australian Artists
When you find a piece of art you are interested in, click on the.. button on the same screen. This will send the item to the enquiry form. You may add as many pieces of art as you would like to your enquiry. When you are ready just click on to the PLEASE SEND button and I guarantee to answer your enquiry within two working days.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cheque, Postal Order, American Express and Direct Bank Transfer, Amex attracts a 3% extra charge
Do we accept lay-bys?
We have been running an extensive lay-by service for over 15 years. It is a great way to ‘get in’ before prices rise. We require 20% deposit and payment finalised within three months. see below for Lay-by terms
May I contact you and order offline instead?
Of course! You may make any enquiry and place an order by phone by calling Phone: International 61 2 9642 3700 Australia: 02 9642 3700.
May I fax my order?
Yes faxing your order is the safest way to protect your credit card details. All you need do is fill out the enquiry e-mail/fax form, print it, then sign beside your credit card details and fax direct to us. Fax: International 61 2 9642 2649 Australian: 02 9642 2649 You may contact us by phone 7 days a week 8am to 8pm Australian Eastern standard Time. You will instantly be connected with Cheryl or Kevin Hill. You may fax 24 hours 7 days a week. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and both e-mail and home addresses. Please take the time to contact us, we have been in the business of supplying fine art for over twenty two years and have a lifetime of practical experience between us.
How do I know if the piece I'm interested in is available for purchase?
Every piece on our web site is available for purchase. If it is sold the box under the status bar will show sold. However, since we do operate Exhibitions and events as well, it is possible that a piece, in rare circumstances, may have been sold and not designated, on the site, as sold. We update our site regularly to minimize these rare cases. If a piece is on “hold” for another client, then it will immediately be put on “hold” for you if the other client should choose not to purchase the piece. The sale is finalized when you receive your email confirmation from us.
When will my credit card be charged?
To ensure that the painting is taken off the market as soon as possible, you will be emailed an invoice including the delivery charges. Once you confirm this, we will debit your card and ship your artwork. This total will be confirmed by email or by phone, whichever you prefer.
Will my artwork arrive framed?
All paintings are framed. Our artists in cooperation with expert art consultants carefully choose complementary frames for each painting. If you wish to see the frame before you buy ask in the enquiry section of the order page and I will send you an e-mail of the painting framed. However if you wish to purchase a painting unframed the frame will be deducted from the price. Of course, sculptures are not framed.
How is my artwork delivered?
Unless you specify otherwise, in most cases, we rely on door to door Couriers and for International clients we have found Australia Post very reliable.
How long will it take to arrive?
Once we ship the artwork, you can expect delivery within two days.This of course depends on your delivery address. But in most cases, no longer than a week. You will be consulted if any delay is anticipated.
How much does shipping cost?
Since each piece is unique, shipping costs are determined on a per-artwork basis. Costs are calculated based on the size, weight, the distance shipped, and the carrier used. A delivery cost total is sent to you by e-mail prior to finalising your order, and will be billed to your credit card once approved. We always seek the lowest rates possible for safe and reliable handling to ensure that your purchase arrives in its original condition.
How soon will my artwork be shipped?
Once your order is approved, we will ship the artwork immediately.
How does the SUPPORT OF SERVICE CLUBS and the PAINTINGS GIVEAWAY Work at selected shows
Kevin Hill’s “TOP TEN” Australian Artists is a commercial operation. Our philosophy is to support the local community where possible and we are proud to work in partnership with various service clubs and charities to aid their fundraising efforts. The “TOP TEN” Artists donate paintings to the club or charity, one of which can be raffled by them and the others as lucky door prizes. The club or charity is responsible for all processes regarding the Lucky door entry giveaway and raffle. The raffle will be drawn at 4.00pm on Sunday at the conclusion of the show. All proceeds of the raffle go to the club or charityKevin Hill or one of his nominees will draw an envelope, containing one of The paintings to be given away, from the envelopes. Kevin Hill or one of the club nominees will draw the painting winner from the lucky door tickets, Placed in the barrel by visitors to the show. Only tickets placed in the barrel will be eligible for the prize. Only one painting can be won per person and all lucky door entries (bar those of the winners) placed in the barrel by visitors to the show will stay in the barrel till the final painting draw on Sunday afternoon. Information from lucky door tickets will only be used by K & C Agencies Pty Ltd to inform you about ourselves the artists and shows and WILL NOT BE passed onto third parties. See privacy policy this website K & C Agencies their employees and immediate families and the artists exhibiting and their immediate families are ineligible to enter Any decisions on the giveaway will be made by K & C Agencies Pty Ltd in conjunction with the Club and will be final.
What are the terms and conditions of a lay-by
Terms and conditions of your lay-by purchase under the lay-by sales act 1943 1. A minimum deposit of 20% of the purchase price to be paid.2. The lay-by must be completed by the agreed completion date. 3. If the lay-by is not completed by the agreed completion date it is the prerogative of K. & C. Agencies Pty. Limited to cancel or extend such lay-by. 4. If the lay-by is cancelled by the purchaser or if lay-by exceeds the completion date, all monies will be refunded except for a management fee of 20% of the full purchase price.