Gary Myers

Gary Myers



Gary was born in 1951 in Brisbane, Australia. With a passion and obvious flair for the visual arts, he sought private tuition for two years under renowned artist, David Fowler. Gary also trained in illustration and has worked extensively in this field. His training and involvement in the graphics industry is evident in his use of colour and composition.

Gary?s successful one-man showings first began in 1971 at the Harry Dunwell Gallery in Brisbane. Over 30 one-man exhibitions have taken place since then, many of these were in Victoria where he lived and taught art for 9 years.

Gary has competed and attained awards in many art competitions spanning the last three decades, the most recent being First Prize at the prestigious Maleny Art Awards in 2004. Consequently, his work is represented in private, corporate and educational institution collections across Australia and many overseas countries. Currently he is exhibiting on a regular basis with Kevin Hill as one of his Top Ten Australian Artists.

Gary studies and travels as much as time permits. These travels introduce new subjects to Gary?s repertoire and along with diary notes, are intended for a series of books. Alongside the reality of his travel experiences, the fantasy world allows Gary to create beautifully executed paintings with a comical theme. The ?Crazy Birds? series is a good example of this.

Gary paints widely ranging subjects. The desert, lush rainforests, colourful beach scenes and life studies, or the abstract interpretation of any of these, can be found in his Studio. Apart from his technical rendition, Gary?s subjects are conveyed with a special emotion, (sometimes accompanied by a humorous storyline to lift the spirit), hidden amongst the colour and texture that is unique to his own recognizable style. Gary?s artworks are highly sought after throughout Australia as well as by overseas collectors. This interest has led to exhibitions in Brighton, England and in Shanghai, China. This busy and rewarding program continues as the demand for Gary?s artwork increases.

A select number of Gary?s paintings have been chosen as limited edition reproductions. These reproductions have been met with enthusiastic buyer response, adding further value to Gary?s originals. Gary is a full time artist based in Queensland?s beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, where his family dates back four generations. Here the rich colours and tranquil surrounds provide the sanctuary where he creates his own individual interpretation to his many varied subjects. Gary?s colourful and dramatic approach engages and excites the viewer.

Gary has exhibited with us since 2002 and was invited to join our ?TOP TEN? Artists group in 2004. Gary and his works have been included in the last three editions of Kevin Hill?s ?TOP TEN? Australian Artists books