John Dynon

John Dynon



The day has just begun; the sun's rays stream over the barrier ranges and throw a colourful earthy light onto the old brick and stone walls of John Dynon's 100 year old gallery. A house built over a century ago, holding pride of place on top of the rise overlooking the Ghost town called Silverton. John Dynon can be found bathed in this morning glow, canvas on easel, paints by his side, a cup of tea in one hand and a brush in the other. John is ready to capture the colour and majesty of this quaint outback town and the vast, seemingly desolate but magnificent scenery that surrounds it.

John was born in Broken Hill in 1954. He left school at the age of 14 and, after working on several sheep Stations throughout the North Western districts of NSW and Southern Queensland, became an underground miner in Broken Hill. It was this incredible lifestyle that kindled John?s passion for the changing moods of the outback and his interest and dedication to his art was born. In 1985, he became a full time artist to meet the demand for his paintings.

John always says " My inspiration comes from the beauty, the isolation, the loneliness, the sunset over the Mundi Mundi, the vast expanses of Kakadu, the wide open spaces and the deep emotional feelings that spread through your soul when you experience this incredible euphoria that is the Australian outback."

His paintings reflect this inspiration depicting wide ranging aspects of the Australian way of life and capturing the ever changing aspect of the Broken Hill area. From the natural to the man made, from the romance of the environment to bright abundant wild flowers of spring bursting out over a sheet of rusty corrugated iron. Art lovers are forever amazed at the wide ranging subjects he portrays, from landscapes, historical buildings, flowers, rivers and his famous outback sunsets.

John?s work is represented in collections around the world and has been featured in countless exhibitions throughout Australia as well as a sellout exhibition in Indianapolis USA. His biography can be found in most major art reference books with work featured in ?Australian Artists of Today?, ?Artists of Broken Hill?, ?Blue Sky, Blue Bush and Silver? He has been featured on television?s ?7.30 report?, Aussie Top Spot?, ?The World around us?, ?The Great outdoors? and ? Healthy Wealthy and Wise?

John is one of Australia's most talented and respected Artists. He is one of our truly great outback characters and is often referred to as the "The Larrikin Artist of Broken Hill". John and his works have been included in all 4 editions of Kevin Hill?s ?TOP TEN? Australian Artists books