Richard Bogusz

Richard Bogusz



Richard Bogusz was born in Europe in 1947 and his family migrated to Australia and settled in rural Victoria in 1952. Richard?s professional career as an artist, Beginning in 1971, has spanned over 40 years.

He is a semi- abstract artist painting in oils & acrylics. Richard is essentially and deliberately self taught so as not to interfere with his imaginative and creative flow, which is abundant.

His work falls into three main periods.

The period 1972 ? 1978 was a developing one. Richard entered numerous exhibitions. Won a number of awards and prizes and was invited to have many solo exhibitions.

From 1978 ? 1986 the demand for his work had become so high that he found little time for solo exhibitions, preferring to supply select galleries throughout Australia.

In 1986 Richard migrated to Queensland, where he resides still, literally on the beach.                                             Living in this climate of extremely bright and sharp colours brought about a major change in his works. He switched to an acrylic medium with which he is able to achieve the vibrancy of colour and spontaneity of composition inspired by this tropical environment.

Richard has lived and painted the length of the east coast of Australia and the changing kaleidoscope of life, colour, situations and people gives him the inspiration all great artists seek.

His works are among the most sought after in Australia and people all over the world are fascinated with them. His paintings provoke strong emotional attachment, they are warm, restful and take one?s imagination on an amazing and harmonious journey.

The Art Critic Robin Rattray - Wood offered an interesting thought on the fascination people often have with Richard?s work and I quote. ?There is no verbal answer to the question, but a restful emotional response of absorption and entry into a fantastic world of harmony and warmth. Each work says these secrets lurk in the familiar, if you will just look a little closer; Alice would be at home peering into the looking glass of a Bogusz painting. Richard, in each painting, offers a new perspective of the world that compels the viewer to renew the experience.?

Richard has exhibited his works for many years with Kevin Hills Top Ten

Kevin is Richards NSW distributor and Gallery enquires are welcome.