James Hough

James Hough


"There is so much left to paint and so much more to learn, I feel I have only just begun"

James Hough


James Hough was born in Newcastle NSW in 1960. Much of his childhood was spent on his family cattle property on the Manning River on the Mid North Coast. Drawing was always a favourite pastime where horses, cattle, trees, and buildings were preferred.

In fact his first art award came at the age of six, and the prize, a face washer and soap on a rope. An early influence for wildlife art came from perusing the illustrations and paintings of William Cooper. ?I have always been intrigued by how cleverly some artists breath life into their compositions, and to the fascinating depth of detail they achieve.?

James Hough did not start painting seriously until 1999. He spent over twenty years as an engineering surveyor and civil designer and then, in 2003, took up wildlife art professionally.

James Hough began his wildlife art career painting Australian native birds, which has always been one of the loves of his life. He now paints a large variety of native Australian birds and animals as well as international wildlife. Much of his latest work has featured wildlife within their typical landscape and habitat. He travels extensively throughout Australia in the search of the most authentic habitat and for a chance to photograph all our wonderful birds and animals. Every painting begins as a detailed sketch on a clay coated board and is completed using acrylic paint and gouache.

James Hough has his original artworks represented in some of the top art galleries in Australia. His originals are purchased for private collections here in Australia and for collections around the world and his originals have been reproduced as limited edition prints, calendars, and gift cards. The demand for private and corporate commissions is continually growing, including a large commission for a confectionery company in the United States. His paintings have also featured in many books and magazine publications such as Australian Artist and Australian Birdkeeper.

Jim has been elected as a signature member of the Artists for conservation, an international wildlife art society based in Canada. He submitted two paintings for this years book publication and virtual exhibit. One of the paintings was selected from this group to be exhibited at the international exhibition in Vancouver Canada in September 2015.

Jim said ?I am very pleased that this has happened at this stage of my career?

The exhibition will be in Vancouver then later at Grosse mountain Canada and on to art museums across the USA.

James Hough has been a regular guest artists in Kevin Hill?s TOP TEN exhibitions since 2005 and was inducted as a TOP TEN Artist on the 20th September 2008. Kevin says I have never seen such delicate and fine work set into superb landscapes and his depiction of Australia?s fauna is incredible