From this site you will be able to find an exciting range of modern and traditional australian art works including paintings, sculptures, books from my choice of the ‘TOP TEN’ Artists in Australia today. My wife Cheryl and I have been presenting our “Sale Of Paintings” since 1979 and many of our Clients and Artists have been with us from the start. We are a family business and our Clients and Artists are part of our family. The events we call our SALE OF PAINTINGS have been held from Sydney, Australia to Indianapolis, USA, from Mona Vale to Tamworth from The Entrance to Orange From Erina To Melbourne giving people from the City and the Bush the opportunity to see the best.

This web site furthers our vision of bringing the works of Top australian artists for all to see and appreciate. The late Eric Minchin, Founder of that great Australian group the “Brushmen of the Bush”, was concerned that many people throughout this Country had never had the opportunity to see australian art at its best, let alone meet the artists.

My ‘TOP TEN’ philosophy, born 45 years ago, was to bring to the people the most talented artists from around Australia and produce a show that was the very best that this Country had to offer, It would be an opportunity for people to see a full range of each artists work and the artists exhibiting their work would be there meeting the people and discussing their paintings.

This site is a wonderful example of that philosophy and displays a wide range of Australian Art with the opportunity to not only buy the works but to also learn about those very talented people who create these masterpieces, our artists.

Another part of my equation is only work with nice people and the talented people we work with are not only great artists but also good friends. And the magic ingredient in the recipe is Cheryl, my lifelong partner, wife and friend, we do every thing as a team and we believe above all else have fun and enjoy what you do.

Believe me we really enjoy our shows and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see all our friends, made over many art shows, turning up to say hello and have a good night out. One of our real joys is seeing a lot of young people coming along to our shows and introducing them to the World of Art.

Now we present our online Gallery. We hope you enjoy it.